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Software Testing-Testing Process

1.The Application we are testing is called as Application Under Testing.
2.The Application is divided into 2 parts:-
3.The Structural part is tested by Developer.
4.The Structural part is called as Invisible.
5.The Functional part is tested by Test Engineer.
6.The Functional part is called as Visible.

Fundamental Test Process in Software Testing

The fundamental test process in Software Testing comprises planning, specification, execution, recording and checking for completion.
You will find organizations that have slightly different names for each stage of the process and you may find some processes that have just few stages for example. However, you will find that all good test processes adhere to this fundamental structure.

Testing and Expected Results in Software Testing
The specification of expected results in advance of test execution is perhaps one of the most fundamental principles of testing computer software. If this step is omitted then human subconscious desire for tests to pass will be overwhelming and tester may perhaps interpret a plausible, yet erroneous result, as correct outcome.



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