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Software Testing

Here are some of the terminology that has to be learned as part of Software Testing:-
First of all let us know the major difference between the project and product in Software Testing.
There are many definitions relating this:-

1.Project:It means that exact rules i.e the customer requirements must be followed.
2.Product:This is based on the general requirements i.e on our own requirements.
3.Quotation in Software Testing:Estimating the cost of the project.
4.Bidding of the Project: Consider for example:-
If any bank want to Automate its procedures then that would bid or would call for various
IT development companies.
See this picture

bidding of the project
5.Key Process Areas in Software Testing:-Instead of repeating the same process again and again we can keep out of them.

Consider for example:-The login page for different projects would be the same.
6.Project Initiation Note(PIN) in Software Testing:-This is nothing but a mail to the Company Director.



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