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Software Testing Books

Here are the list of books on Testing to refer
Category-"Software Testing"
1. Software Testing and Continuous Quality Improvement, by W. Lewis (2000)
2. Software Testing in the Real World, by E. Kit (1995)
3. How to Break Software Security, by J. Whittaker, et al (2003)
4. Effective Software Testing, by E. Dustin (2002)
5. Testing Web Security, by S. Splaine (2002)
6. Systematic Software Testing, by R. Craig, et al (2002)
7. Rapid Testing, by R. Culbertson, et al (2001)
8. Testing Extreme Programming, by L. Crispin, et al (2002)
9. Managing the Testing Process, by R. Black (2002)
10. Software Testing Fundamentals: Methods and Metrics, by M. Hutcheson (2003)

11. Automated Software Testing: Introduction, Management, and Performance by E. Dustin, et al (1999)
12. Automated Testing Handbook, by L. Hayes (1995)
13. Software Test Automation: Effective Use of Test Exection Tools, by D. Graham, et al (1999)
14. Just Enough Software Test Automation, by D. Mosley, et al (2002)
15. Integrated Test Design and Automation: Using the Testframe Method, by H. Buwalda, et al (2001)
16. Quality Web Systems: Performance, Security, and Usability, by E. Dustin, et al (2001)
17. Effective Methods of Software Testing, 2nd Edition, by W. Perry (2000)
18. Surviving the Top Ten Challenges of Software Testing: A People-Oriented Approach, by W. Perry, et al (1997)
19. Handbook of Usability Testing: How to Plan Design and Conduct Effective Tests, by J. Rubin (1994)
20. A Practical Guide to Usability Testing, by J. Dumas, et al (1999)
21. Test Process Improvement: A Practical Step-by-Step Guide to Structured Testing, by T. Koomen, et al (1999)
22. Java Testing and Design: From Unit Testing to Automated Web Tests, by F. Cohen (2004)
23. Software Testing, by R. Patton (2000)
24. Testing Object-Oriented Systems, by R. Binder (1999)
25. A Practical Guide to Testing Object-Oriented Software, by D. Sykes, et al (2001)
26. Client Server Software Testing on the Desk Top and the Web, by D. Mosley (1999)
27. Black-Box Testing, by B. Beizer (1995)
28. Peer Reviews in Software: A Practical Guide, by K. Wiegers (2001)
29. Handbook of Walkthroughs, Inspections, and Technical Reviews, by D. Freedman and G.Weinberg (1990)
30. The Craft of Software Testing, by B. Marick (1995)
31. The Art of Software Testing, by G. Myers (1979)
32. Software Testing: A Craftsman's Approach, by P. Jorgensen (1995)
33. Fatal Defect: Chasing Killer Computer Bugs, by I. Peterson (1996)
34. Testing Embedded Software, by B. Broekman, et al (2002)
35. The Art of Testing Network Systems, by R. Buchanan (1996)
36. Visual Test 6 Bible, by T. Arnold (1998)

Category="Software Quality Assurance"
1. Handbook of Software Quality Assurance, by G. Schulmeyer, et al (1998)
2. A Practical Guide to Information Systems Process Improvement, by A. Cassidy, et al (2000)
3. Managing the Software Process, by W. Humphrey (1989)
4. Customer Oriented Quality Assurance, by F. Ginac (1997)
5. The Capability Maturity Model: Guidelines for Improving the Software Process, by M. Paulk, et al (1995)
6. Software Inspection, by T. Gilb, et al (1993)
7. Quality Software Management: Vol. 4 Anticipating Change, by G. Weinberg (1997)
8. CMM in Practice, by P. Jalote (1999)

Category-"Software Metrics"
1. Metrics and Models in Software Quality Engineering (2nd Edition), by S. Kan (2002)
2. Five Core Metrics: The Intelligence Behind Successful Software Management, by L. Putnam, et al (2003)
3. Practical Software Metrics for Project Management and Process Improvement, by R. Grady (1992)
4. Measuring the Software Process, by W. Florac (1999)
5. Applied Software Measurement: Assuring Productivity and Quality, by C. Jones (1996)


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