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Quality Assurance FAQ'S in Software Testing

15 point questions to plan for QA in your Project?
1) What is the scope of testing? (UI testing? Database testing? Multi Platform testing? API testing? Java Classes testing? Test Automation using a specific tool?)
2) What is the skill set required from the test team? (White Box skills or Black Box skills? What is the test tool? What trainings are required for building the skill set?)
3) What is the proposed architecture of the product (high level architecture from the business perspective)?
4) Over view of the product functionality with emphasis on the critical modules?
5) What is test process followed by the client? Does the team need to follow the process of the client or use the software providerís test process?
6) What tailoring to the test process is required?
7) What are the specific tools used in the project (Test automation tools, Unit testing tools, Build & deployment tools etc.,)
8) High level over view of the test environment (what operating systems, what databases, what App Servers/web servers, what browsers, what hardware, what software etc.,)

9) Who is responsible for test data? How do we generate test data?
10) What are the test reports / test deliverables due to each of the stake holders (what templates, frequency, what format & what information to be included, who requires what report?)
11) What are the guidelines (guidelines for test coverage, guidelines for test case designing, and guidelines for test case prioritizing, guidelines for test case execution, test automation guidelines, naming conventions etc)?
12) What are the existing test cases that the customer has? What is the style? How is it designed? Does the team need to follow the same approach as that of the client or could it make changes?
13) What is the build & deployment process? What is the involvement of the software providerís project team?
14) What is the Issue/Defect reporting process & what are the relevant guidelines?
15) What are the customer contact points & what is the escalation process? What is the communication protocol?

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