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Manual Testing - Software Testing

Mainly in Manual Testing the following documents are required
i) Test Policy --QC
ii)Test Strategy--Company Level
iii) Test Factors--QA
iv)Test Methodology----TL

I)Test Policy: This is a company level document and will be developed by QC People.( At most management). This document defines "Testing Objective" in that organization

II) Test Strategy: It is also a company level document and developed by QA people. It defines testing approach followed by testing team.
Components in Test Strategy:

III)Test Factors 1: To define quality S/W, quality analyst defines 15 testing issues. Test factor or issue means that a testing issue to apply on S/W to achieve quality.

The test factors are:

2.Test Factors VS Black Box Testing Techniques

IV)Test Methodology: It is a project level document and developed by QA(Quality Assurance Leader) or PMProject manager. It is a refinement form of Test Strategy. To prepare test methodology , QA or PM depends on below factors.

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