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The idea for designing this site on Software Testing and Software Quality Assurance,is for all those interested in the field of software testing.

During my career in software testing I have found many people wish to learn SoftwareTesting but was not properly guided. I wanted the software testing training to be given in a very simple and innovative way .So from then I was in search of some good documents on Software Testing.

Hence I thought of preparing this site on Software Testing and the idea evolved and with the support of many software testing and software quality experts in the world it turned into a new software testing site.

Using the Basic terms of Software Testing , I wanted to create a site that provides a comprehensive overview of the Software Testing profession and in addition addresses a number of new Software Testing topics.

To me this was probably the most interesting part of the editing and writing on Software Testing. "The ETestingHub on Software Testing for a tester and basics of Quality Assurance on Software Testing."

I hope that many test professionals will be able to use the site as a basis from which to improve their Software Testing skills by themselves. Others may need expert advice and assistance as well.


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