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Testing LifeCycles page and stages of life cycle pages are updated very clearly.Please check it.

Welcome To The World Of Software Testing

The idea for designing this site on Software Testing and Software Quality Assurance,is for all those interested in the field of software testing.

During my career in software testing I have found many people wish to learn SoftwareTesting but was not properly guided. I wanted the software testing training to be given in a very simple and innovative way .So from then I was in search of some good documents on Software Testing.

Hence I thought of preparing this site on Software Testing and the idea evolved and with the support of many software testing and software quality experts in the world it turned into a new software testing site.

Using the Basic terms of Software Testing , I wanted to create a site that provides a comprehensive overview of the Software Testing profession and in addition addresses a number of new Software Testing topics.

To me this was probably the most interesting part of the editing and writing on Software Testing. "The ETestingHub on Software Testing for a tester and basics of Quality Assurance on Software Testing."

I hope that many test professionals will be able to use the site as a basis from which to improve their Software Testing skills by themselves. Others may need expert advice and assistance as well.

The topics in this Software Testing site contains software testing principles, software testing process,software testing management, Software Testing risk management, Software Testing inspections and Software Testing reviews, software testing techniques (both functional and non-functional),software testing requirements,software testing models,software testing types,software testing methods,Software Testing-Online Manual Testing Tutorial,Software Testing-Automated Testing, Software Requirements Specification of Software Testing,Requirements Traceability Matrix(RTM) of Software Testing,Levels of Software Testing,Quality Assurance,Software Automation Tools,CMM Levels,Retesting and Regression Software Testing, Software Testing-test process improvement, and most importantly Software Testing Resumes

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